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Get ready to discover the huge MONEY SAVING BENEFITS enjoyed by hundreds of healthcare practices nationwide. Ideal for general practitioners and specialists alike, practice owners are taking advantage of the inCHARGE™ Direct opportunity.

  • Unlimited Credit Card Processing at Virtually NO Cost
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With inCHARGE™ Direct there are no middlemen or sales agents, which means we can bring more value than ever to merchants everywhere.


No Processing Fees

Is this really possible? How can a practice virtually wipe away processing fees? We are asked this question quite often, and the answer is simple as well as financially sensible: Federal legislation through the Durbin Amendment allows practice owners to provide patients an incentive to use cash or check and save.

Those who pay for services rendered with cash or check no longer need to pay the same amounts as those who choose to use a credit card. In this regard, if a patient chooses to pay with a credit card, their payment will reflect a small non-cash adjustment. This means you now have the ability to take complete control of your fees every month. They can be zero!


We Provide Equipment at No Cost

There is no need for practices to modify their fee schedules or purchase any expensive equipment. We provide this equipment and our proprietary software does all the work.

Are you ready to break free from paying for those expensive rewards cards that patients LOVE to use?

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Free Equipment